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Flying in to Sendai Airport from Abroad

Flights to Sendai Airport from overseas are as shown below. Connecting flights from Seoul and China (e.g. Beijing) fly daily to connect Sendai with other countries. Chartered flights flyout of Several cities such as HongKong and Bangkok. Domestic flights connect ten cities in Japan to Sendai. Passengers landing at Narita, Nagoya or Kansai can transfer to a domestic flight to connect directly to Sendai.


Access from Narita Airport to Sendai

Railway - Shinkansen (bullet train) Line


You can get to JR Tokyo Station from Narita Airport by using the JR Narita Express. From JR Tokyo Station, take the Tohoku Shinkansen Line to Sendai.
Use the "JR EAST PASS" as an economical way to travel on your own
The "JR EAST PASS" is for non-Japanese travelers from abroad who are staying in Japan for a short time for the purpose of sightseeing. With this rail pass, you can travel on all the JR East lines as many times as you like, including from Narita Airport to JR Tokyo Station and the Shinkansen Line. You can purchase the pass at any ticket dealer designated by JR or its agent in your home country. The cost of the pass for an adult is from ¥22000 for 5 days.

Long-distance bus

The nighttime bus for JR Sendai Station leaves from Bus Stop No. 5 at Narita Airport Terminal 1 or Bus Stop 12 at Terminal 2. Since all seats are reserved, you must make a reservation by 16:00 on the same day. You can reserve a seat at the multimedia terminal at any convenience store or at a travel agency. Buses run only once a day and departure time is 21:15 from Terminal 2 and 21:20 from Terminal 1. Travel time is 8 hours. Adult fare is ¥7500.

JR Sendai Station Tohoku Shinkansen Line
1hr 40 min ¥10890
JR Tokyo Station Narita Express 1hr ¥3020 Narita Airport
Long-distance bus 8hrs ¥7700