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Take a Half-day Bus Tour on Loople Sendai

The Loople Sendai bus stops at major sightseeing spots in central Sendai. If you purchase a one-day pass, it allows you unlimited rides for the day. If this is your first visit to Sendai, this is an ideal way to see the sights of the city.→

How to use Loople Sendai

  • ●It takes about one hour per full circuit.
  • ●From the JR Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool, take the bus from Platform No.15-3
  • ●The first bus leaves JR Sendai Station at 09:00 and the last bus leaves at 16:00. Buses run every 20-30 minutes.
  • ●Get on the bus at the central entrance and get off at the front. When you are getting off the bus, insert your one-day pass into the ticket machine or pay the single fare.
  • ●Announcements are made in English.
  • ●Change can be made for ¥1,000 bills. Other types of bills cannot be changed.

Bus fare

One-day pass (only good for the Loople Sendai bus)

Unlimited rides on the bus for a single day Adults (12 years and older): ¥620
Children (under 12 years of age): ¥310

Single-ride ticket

Adults (12 years and older): ¥260
Children (under 12 years of age): ¥130

Where to buy the one-day pass for the Loople Sendai bus

  1. 1)JR Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool Ticket Office
  2. 2)At 13 hotels in Sendai (at the front desk)

Discounts at certain facilities

At the following four facilities. you will receive a discount on admission if you show your one-day pass:

  • ●Aoba Castle Museum: Adults: ¥700→¥500
  • ●Zuihoden Mauseleum: Adults: ¥550→¥450
  • ●Sendai City Museum: Adults: ¥400→¥320
  • ●Miyagi Museum of Art: Adults (for Permanent Exhibition): ¥300→¥240, for Special Exhibitions: ¥100 discount

For further information, contact

The Sendai City Transportation Bureau Information Center
(Tel. +81-22-222-2256)
*The Sendai Marugoto Pass
can be used as a one-day pass also

The [Sendai Marugoto Pass] allows you unlimited travel around Sendai and vicinity

The pass is good for a two-day period and allows pass-holders unlimited rides on trains and buses. You can travel anywhere in Sendai as well as major sightseeing spots such as Akiu Onsen, Matsushima or Yamadera Temple.

Routes and lines you can use with the pass Effective Area Map dawnload
Price ¥2,670
Effective period of pass 2 days
Where you can purchase the pass "Midori no Madoguchi" (みどりの窓口、ticket office) at all JR stations, reserved seat ticket vending machines at JR Sendai Station, ticket vending machine at Sendai Airport Station, etc.
How to use the pass Go through the automatic ticket gate when using JR trains, the subway or the Sendai Airport Line. When using the Loople Sendai bus or other buses, show your pass to the driver when getting off the bus.
*If you show your Marugoto Pass at the Sendai Tourist Information Center on the 2nd floor of JR Sendai Station, you will receive a coupon booklet containing discount coupons and information on special services.
For further information (in English)

Sendai City Subway

The Sendai Subway system runs through Sendai and is convenient for foreigners with announcements made in English. Especially Sendai Station, Hirosedori Station and Kotodai Koen Station in central Sendai are useful for tourists. You can ride on the subway for free using the Sendai Marugoto Pass.

Operating hours

The first train bound for Tomizawa leaves Sendai Station leaves at 05:47 and for Izumi Chuo at 05:50, and the last train leaves at 23:59 for both Tomizawa and IzumiChuo. On Fridays the last train leaves at 24:11 bound for Tomizawa and Izumi Chuo.


The fare for an adult runs from ¥200-360. You can buy a one-day pass at the ticket window at each station.On weekdays, the fare is ¥840 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, it costs ¥620 per adults.

For further infornation

Sendai City Transportation Bureau English)


BusesIf you want to visit neighboring prefectures such as Yamagata or Fukushima, or even Tokyo, expressway buses are convenient. Buses in the Sendai area have English announcements when stopping at major sightseeing spots.

Expressway Buses

  • ■ Sendai Station-Yamagata Station leaves from Sendai Station West Exit Bus Platform No.22; Travel time: 1 hr; Adults: ¥920; reservations not necessary
  • ■ Sendai Station-Fukushima Station leaves from Sendai Station West Exit Expressway Bus Center; Travel time: 1 hr; Adults: ¥1100; reservations not necessary

Route Buses

There are 242 different bus routes with 48 lines that travel from central Sendai to its outskirts. The base fare is ¥150 - ¥180. There is a "¥100 zone" where you can ride the bus for only ¥100 within the area. If you use the Sendai Marugoto Pass, you can get on and off the bus anywhere for free.


TaxisTaxis in Japan are very safe. But, most taxi drivers speak only Japanese. There fore, it is best to point at your destination to the driver.


Fares differ according to time and distance. The minimum fare for a small-sized taxi is ¥670 and if you take a taxi early in the morning or late at night, there is an extra charge.

Taxi fares to major sightseeing spots (small-sized taxi)
  • ■ Sendai Airport-JR Sendai Station: about ¥5500
  • ■ JR Sendai Station-Hirosedori (shopping district): ¥650
  • ■ JR Sendai Station-Kokubuncho (entertainment district): ¥650
  • ■ JR Sendai Station-Akiu Onsen (hot spring resort): about ¥6000
  • ■ JR Sendai Station-Sakunami Onsen (hot spring resort): about ¥7700
  • ■ JR Sendai Station-Matsushima: about ¥6300

Sightseeing Taxi

Each taxi company has sightseeing courses and offers taxis that will take you around to major sightseeing areas; reservations required. Inquiries about sightseeing taxi

Rental Cars

If you bring the proper documents with you, you can drive a car in Japan (please check the laws before you leave for Japan). Almost all cars have a car navigation system installed so you can easily find your way around.

Car rental companies

Car rental agency counters are located at the Sendai Airport domestic terminal (1st floor). There are also car rental agency offices around JR Sendai Station.


The cost to rent a compact car is about ¥6500 for 24 hours. For each day thereafter, There is an additional ¥5700.

How to rent a car

You can rent a car directly from the agency on the day you arrive. It is recommended that you reserve a car beforehand on the Internet, or other means. (P.60)