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The Sendai Welcome Squad: Date Busho-tai

Visitors are entertained by a group of actors dressed up as armored warriors and feudal lords including the celebrated strongman Date Masamune, one of the most popular feudal lords of Japan.

Date Masamune leads a group consisting of Date Shigezane, Katakura Kojuro (Kagetsuna) and Moniwa Tsunamoto, the three greatest retainers of the Date clan who supported Masamune, as well as Katakura Kita, a talented woman who was a nurse to Masamune and an elder sister to both Kojuro and Tsunamoto. Other warriors and retainers with strong ties to the Date clan are also protrayed, including Hasekura Tsunenaga who made the first trans-Atlantic journey to Europe from Japan.

Date Busho-tai’s mission is to rejuvenate the spirit of the Date clan that has been passed down since the Sendai domain was founded 400 years ago, by promoting the aesthetics, credos and rich cultural history of the area.

We're with you, Date Busho-Tai!

The duties of Date Busho-tai

To entertain visitors with powerful performances demonstrating military exercises at the site of Sendai Castle, with photo sessions, and tour guide services.

To introduce Sendai and its attractions to visitors by appearing at various events and tourist sites.

The first feudal lord of the Sendai domain, Dokuganryu, or the one-eyed dragon
Date Masamune
A talented woman who raised the great Date Masamune
Katakura Kita
One of the greatest warriors of the Date clan
Date Shigezane
Masamune’s strategist and the lord of Shiroishi Castle
Katakura Kojuro
The founder of Sendai Castle town
Moniwa Tsunamoto
A dandy who traveled to Rome as an ambassador to Europe
Hasekura Tsunenaga
The captain of the foot soldiers, or the ashigaru
Morino Yoroku
A foot soldier, or ashigaru
A foot soldier, or ashigaru
A female ninja of the Kurohabagi-gumi
A secret agent of the Kurohabagi-gumi