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Yamagata Prefecture, located to the west of Miyagi Prefecture, has hot springs in all the cities, towns and villages, and produces abundant fruit. You can get to Yamagata City in about 1 hour by car or train from the central part of Sendai. Enjoy the trip with the delicacies and historic spots.

◆ Access from Sendai
From JR Sendai Station to JR Yamagata Station
By train, it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes on the JR Senzan Line (Platform: 7 and 8)
By expressway bus, it takes about 60 minutes (Bus stop: JR Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool No.22)
・Yamagata tourist information : (in English)

◆ Approximate travel time from one spot to another
Risshakuji Temple 1 Yamadera Fuga no Kuni (Restaurant, gallery, etc.) 2 Zao Onsen (Hot spring) 3 Mogami River Boat Ride 4 Agetsuma (Japanese restaurant) 5 Bunshokan (Former Yamagata Prefectural Office)
1 15 min on foot. 2 7 min on foot to JR Yamadera Sta; From JR Yamadera Sta to JR Yamagata Sta, 15 min by rapid train on the Senzan Line. From JR Yamagata Sta, 40 min by bus. 3 Go back to JR Yamagata Sta. From JR Yamagata Sta to each boarding place on Rikuu-Saisen Line via JR Shinjo Sta.
4 Go back From each boarding place to JR Yamagata Sta. 10 min by taxi from JR Yamagata Sta. 5 20 min on foot.

Risshakuji Temple (Yamadera)

Risshakuji Temple (Yamadera)

A holy place that was founded over 1000 years ago. There is a 1015 stone step approach, and various Buddhist temples are on the way. Matsuo Basho, a great haiku (Japanese poem of 17 syllables) poet, visited here 300 years ago, and composed a haiku poem which is so famous that all Japanese people know it.

Address4456-1 Yamadera, Yamagata City
Telephone No.+81-23-695-2843
Open hours08:00-17:00
ClosedOpen year-round
PriceAdult ¥300, Jr high school students ¥200, Elementary school children ¥100
LanguageOnly Japanese
Access5 min on foot from JR Yamadera Sta.
URL (in Japanese)
Yamadera Fuga no Kuni

Yamadera Fuga no Kuni

Tourist facilities with a commanding view of Yamadera. At the site, there are old private houses that were built over 250 years ago and a Japanese restaurant full of specialties of Yamagata. There is a Japanese tearoom, a souvenir shop where you can buy Yamadera's noted confectionary Fukumoti Enninsan (riceflour dumpling mixed with mugwort filled with bean jam) at ¥630 for 8 pieces, and a gallery.

Address4224 Nanin, Yamadera, Yamagata City
Telephone No.+81-23-695-2011
Open hours09:00-16:00 (changes by season or shop)
LanguageEnglish signs

7 min on foot from JR Yamadera Sta.

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Zao Onsen

Zao Onsen

Zao Onsen opened 1900 years ago and is one of the oldest hot springs in Japan. Hot springs gush 8700 t of water per day. For a public bathhouse, the large open-air bath (Bathing charge: Adults ¥450) on the top of the slope of the hot spring resort is famous. All the buildings of the long-established "Takamiya" hotel that has a 300-year tradition, are authentic Japanese style wooden structures with dignity.

Address4 Zao Onsen, Yamagata City
Telephone No.+81-23-694-9333
PriceOne night stay with 2 meals ¥13800-
LanguageEnglish speaking staff
URL (in Japanese)
  • Zao Onsen Miyamaso Takamiya
  • Zao Onsen large open-air bath
Ginzan Onsen

Ginzan Onsen

The wooden hotels are located on both sides of the Ginzan River. It is a hot spring resort where you can feel the good old Japan. This hot spring is well known as the setting for the famous TV drama "Oshin."

Mogami River boat ride (Mogami-gawa Funakudari)

Mogami River Boat Ride (Mogami-gawa Funakudari)

A thrilling passage through rapids while appreciating grand natural beauty in season, spring to summer growth on the trees, autumn tints, and snow in winter... It has various sightseeing sites. Moreover, the boatman gives passengers explanations on the famous spots and sings boat songs and folk songs from this area.

Telephone No.Mogamikyo Basho Line Kanko : 0233-72-2001
Mogami-gawa Funakudari Yoshitsune Roman Kanko : +81-234-57-2148
Mogami-gawa Sannansho Funakudari : 0237-56-3535
Price¥1970-/60 min
Access Boarding places: Near each of the following stations (1)JR Rikuu Saisen Furukuchi Sta (2)JR Rikuu Saisen Takaya Sta (3)JR Ou Line Tateoka Sta


The long-established restaurant with a lot of Japanese atmosphere. They serve local dishes of Yamagata. Moreover, Yamagata maiko (apprentice geisha) entertain you with their dancing and singing (reservation required.)

Address3-7-48 Midoricho, Yamagata City
Telephone No.+81-23-631-2738
Open hours11:30-15:00, 17:00-22:00
ClosedOpen all year-round
Access10 min by taxi form JR Yamagata Sta
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Bunshokan (Former Yamagata Prefectural Office)

Bunshokan (Former Yamagata Prefectural Office)

The old prefectural office and assembly hall were built about 90 years ago. The brick building was built in the British Renaissance style. It is designated as an important cultural property of the country. Furniture inside the building is reproduced exactly the same as the original.

Address3-4-51 Hatagomachi, Yamagata City
Telephone No.+81-23-635-5500
Open hours09:00-16:30 (Aug 4-15 closes at 18:30)
Closed Open all year-round
PriceNo charge
LanguageEnglish signs
Access20 min on foot from JR Yamagata Sta.
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